Player Characters

Chaucer is 5’11 and 180lbs.  His height is distorted as he has the upper body of a smaller although broadly built guy but exceptionally longs legs.  You remember him as a fairly, unassuming guy growing up.  His blond hair was typically unkept, and his hazel eyes often displayed a determined  but definite lack of understanding.  However, he’s always been a loyal friend and willing to help when needed even at his own expense.  The leg distortion happened fairly recently.  His legs mutated, becoming a more extended, slightly insectile versions of themselves.  Although not the most attractive, they do provide Chaucer with a long gate making him exceptionally quick.

He dresses in patchwork leather armor derived of the hardened skins of various pelts that he’s been able to catch.  His mother told him that the mottled looks provides him additional camouflage.  Most people know it’s a bunch of hooey, but he is adamant that it does and confident in his stealth attempts. He’s especially proud of his hunter’s badge prominently displayed on his chest and can often be found rubbing it for good luck.  For weapons, he carries a compound bow and knife both of which you know he is fairly adept with.  His favorite weapon though is his 2-handed flail, which is actually a t-joint of a large steel pipe that is attached to a wooden bat with a thin but solid chain.


Illiam is a short, stocky young man. He has a wild shock of light blue hair that sticks up in all directions and deep green eyes. His skin is darkly tanned from daily work in the fields as travel to trade village goods with nearby villages.  His keratin production is aggressive, and he has thick claws for finger and toe nails that he trims, sharpens and paints a blue to match is hair. He is 19 years old.

He is extremely self confident, probably to an annoying extent. His opinion of himself is pretty legendary among those that know him. He seems unaware about how annoying this can be. In fact, since his confidence seems to work rather well when dealing with people that have only just met him.

As for clothing, he once saw a steam-punk novel cover (just the cover) while exploring a market and really liked the way it looked. He has been currying favors in an attempt to get a vest, coat and bowler to wear at formal events and parties.
5'8" 120lbs black neat hair, brown curious eyes.
Neverest is slight but very sturdy. When he gets banged up doing repairs on big machines he recovers quickly. He is known as an excellent engineer and can repair almost anything.  He is descended from one of the original engineering students that helped found the settlement.  One day while out looking for special parts near the Emory radiation field the winds shifted and covered him with a green cloud.  By the time he was able to make it back to town wings grew from his back. The wings are leathery, some would say demon-like, and have an extra segment that increases the surface area and therefore the lift he generates with each beat giving him faster movement. Between the wings on his back there is a thick carapace that is shinny black and smooth resembling one from a carpenter beetle. These mutations don't bother Neverest is the slightest.  He is facinated by them and now is into studying flight mechanics. 
His clothing is always neat and tidy.  He wears old brown wool pants that are in amazing condition. Over his reinforced vest made from a life jacket and segments from a chopped up fire hidrant. Over this he wears a mesh vest loaded with gadgets.  He always has a bag of parts on him or near by and has small tools and a flash light on his belt.  For weapons he is partial to javelins and slings and has been praticing dropping grenades and molotov cocktails on targets. He has a shield fashion from the remnants of a propane cylinder.
Mentors and very close friends know about his special abilities with nanotech.  This skill along with his engineering and repair training are what is setting Neverest apart from the others in his field. With nanotech repairing humans tissue is even possible.
Neverest is very loyal to the settlement and his close friends.  He will likely do almost anything for them.

SQUATCH (Darren)
His family/cell of hominids lived in the hills but had to come down to start trading for goods when radiation ruined their environment.  By then, they weren't any more intimidating than all the mutants running around.  He ages slower and so while he's essentially the Yeti equivalent of a young adult, he came into the village when the other players parents were young.  He became a permanent member of the village when his ailing mother brought him down to trade and then promptly died.  He's the last of his kind.  He's learned human speech though he's awkward at it.  He's a workhorse and falls into the "Strong Hero" category, working primarily as a builder and farmer.  He's friendly, amiable, and because he's known the others since they were children (and he's looked the same since that time) he feels paternally protective toward them.

Squatch is a fraction of an inch under 7’ tall and is covered head to toe in mottled light brown fur except on his palms and the bottom of his feet which are calloused hide.  He tries to comb it from time to time whenever he encounters a comb or brush, but he has both broken many such devices and on occasion lost one or two in the thick fur only to be discovered later.  His slightly pronounced canine teeth are likely due to a more predatory ancestry and just barely protrude from his closed mouth as a result of an underbite.  His eyes are a soft brown, when visible through the fur.  On one hand, worn like a cestus glove over his knuckles, is what was likely a kid’s batting helmet from softball with a number of metal spikes and nails driven out of it from the inside.  He carries a makeshift battle axe which is a heavy metal post with the blade broken off of an industrial fan affixed to the end, welded in place and filed to razor sharpness.  He carries a large bag and a strap to help hold it over his back, but no clothes as everything is covered in fur.

He exudes an odor that humans find strangely pleasant.  When he walks his bones make a slight crackling sound.  On occasion he has been seen emitting a fine spray of spider silk from his nostrils.