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Welcome to the Labyrinth...

IMPORTANT: This information is all for Parts 1 and 2 of the Patrin Campaign.  Part 3 is being run using GODBOUND.  For that version of the campaign, please go to the PATRIN III: GODBOUND site.  This page is merely for historical record.

What is it like not only to have the power of a Demi-God and yet be bound within an infinite prison for eternity? Welcome to the Exalted-Overthrow campaign. Gamers will be playing “Patrin-Stewards” which are mortals who have “Exalted” beyond the powers of mortals and have acquired the ability to shapechange and other powers equal to the gods. Yet where once the PCs were the Stewards of all the mortal races of the multiverse, now they are imprisoned inside the horrifying realm of “The Labyrinth” and must find a way out.

Setting:  Mark's Planar Campaign

Mechanics:  Exalted 2nd Edition

Primary Books Used: